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My deepest passion is for food and beverage, especially beer, whisky, wine and their possible pairings. Professionally, I am an artificial intelligence researcher forging my way into a new career in fine consumables. I am on track to finish my WSET Spirits level 2, WSET Wine level 3, and Certified Cicerone certifications in 2019. My other interests include history, literature, fine watches, and horror movies.=

I think a drink can be a profound experience precisely because it tells a story, and people love stories. We use narratives to understand our world and each other and when a drink’s story is woven into that narrative, it becomes a centerpiece that anchors the intangible experience into our senses for one fleeting moment.


Behind the name “lumbercake”:

  • lumber: From my wife calling my a lumberjake due to me growing up in the mountains of Montana and have a pechant for wearing flannel and chopping wood.
  • cake: The portmanteau of my and my wife’s names are Cake (Cally and Jake)



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